Sakshi Udavant

Freelance Writer ┃Journalist ┃Marketing + SEO Consultant

Freelance Writing

Content marketing and journalism for brands like PayPal, Mozilla, NBC, Business Insider, and Chicago Tribune.

Creative Writing

Personal essays, movie/TV/book reviews and analysis, satire, travel stories, life lessons, and poetry.


Marketing, SEO, and PR consultation for business owners. Freelance coaching for new writers.

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Sakshi Udavant

I’m a freelance writer and marketing consultant with an academic background in psychology. I’ve written 400+ articles for dozens of industry-leading brands around the world.

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Degree in Psychology

Academic background and research experience in psychology.

1000+ Expert Interviews

1000+ interviews with industry experts and case studies for reported stories.

400+ Articles

400+ articles published in magazines and newspapers around the world.


“Sakshi has freelanced for the Mozilla Foundation multiple times and always hands in article drafts promptly. Sakshi is stellar at being responsive, which proves critical during remote work. And she’s also great at receiving feedback during times I’ve returned her piece with edits.”

Xavier Harding, Mozilla

“Sakshi quickly became one of my “go-to” freelancers. She’s reliable, on time, and responsive to editor queries and suggestions. She consistently delivered accurate, compelling, and clean copy–a true professional.”

Lars Peterson, Investopedia

“I am continually impressed by the consistently high-quality work she turns in. I can always be assured when I get a piece of copy from Sakshi that it’s clean, well-sourced, and submitted well within the deadline. Sakshi always goes above and beyond to ensure her work meets and exceeds expectations.”

Ajay Kumar, Digital Trends

As a news editor, it’s my job to ensure I have a list of reliable, go-to freelancers for short turnaround pieces. Immediately after I worked with Sakshi the first time, I knew she had to be added to that list. Sakshi is not only a talented writer and reporter—she’s also a stellar communicator.

Carolyn Copeland, PRISM


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