I offer a wide range of freelance writing, coaching, SEO, and marketing services.

Here are some of the things I can do for you, but you’re welcome to reach out with other ideas as well.

Freelance Writing

SEO + Marketing


Cities Are Boosting the Economy by Rewarding Those Who Shop Local


  • I’ve written hundreds of reported stories for publications like NBC, Business Insider, Mozilla, Digital Trends, and Reader’s Digest.

  • I have a large network of industry experts and case studies willing to comment on stories.

  • Open to writing reported stories, essays, and How-Tos (expert advice) as well as profiles, news, and opinion pieces.
The Best Fitness Trackers for a Healthier 2023

E-commerce content

  • I have an academic background in consumer psychology and extensive training in marketing.

  • I’ve written e-commerce content for industry-leading brands like Digital Trends, Android Police, PayPal, Mozilla, Chicago Tribune, and Apartment Therapy.

  • I’m available for event-related coverage like “What to buy this Prime Day”

  • Open to writing buyer’s guides, Best-Ofs, hands-on product reviews, VS articles (X product vs Y product), and affiliate content. 
Example of SEO-focused freelance writing. Article titled "Top 10 science-backed reasons to learn a second language"

SEO + Digital Marketing

  • After years of working in the SEO + marketing field, I understand the nuances of the Google algorithm.

  • I write search-friendly content that ranks organically without any keyword stuffing.

  • I’m familiar with most SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and MarketMuse.


  • I offer SEO audits where I analyze your website/content’s current ranking and offer suggestions to improve. You get a detailed report and an optional call explaining how you can rank higher.

  • I offer marketing strategy reports + calls for small to mid-sized business owners looking to attract more visitors and boost revenue.

  • I offer PR coaching to businesses and experts who want to get more interviews, podcast appearances, and features in well-known publications.

  • I offer freelance coaching to new writers, covering topics like sending a pitch, getting your first byline, building a portfolio, developing relationships with editors, negotiating rates, etc.