Jack in the box

  • Still from J-Hope's Arson.

    J-Hope’s MORE And Arson Explained

    J-Hope’s Jack In The Box (his first official album and second solo project) is a creative experiment, exploring his grittier, darker side beyond the “sunshine” persona he adopts during BTS projects.  While I’ve analyzed the whole album (link below), the two main tracks, MORE and Arson have lots of layers to uncover and deserve their…

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  • Still from J-Hope's Jack in the box.

    J-Hope’s “Jack In The Box” Analyzed: A Creative Experiment

    J-Hope’s “Jack In The Box” (his first official album and second solo project after “Hope World”) is a creative experiment.  Through Hope World, J-Hope shared glimpses of who he is outside of the “sunshine Hobi” character he plays in BTS projects, and now with Jack In The Box, he’s ready to dig deeper and uncover…

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