Agust D

  • If Dawn Was A Song, What Would It Sound Like?

    What if you had to convey the concept of “dawn” through music?  No words, just instruments.  That’s what Min Yoongi (BTS SUGA/Agust D) has done through a song in his third solo project and first solo album, “D-Day.” In the third-last track titled Interlude: Dawn, Agust D took us from the deep ends of dark…

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  • Still from People Pt. 2 by Agust D.

    “D-Day” By Agust D Analyzed: The Trapped Artist Finally Finds Freedom

    I highly recommend reading my analysis of his first two mixtapes (Agust D and D-2) before moving forward so you get all the references in “D-Day” by Agust D. Agust D’s first official album, third solo project, and the final part of his music trilogy, “D-Day” is all about liberation. Liberation from external social expectations…

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  • All The Themes In Agust D’s “D-2” Mixtape Analyzed

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading my analysis of “Agust D” (the first mixtape) before moving forward, so you can understand all the references in Agust D’s “D-2” mixtape. Songs in “Agust D” (the first mixtape) hit hard. They’re raw, sometimes aggressive, and reflect the chaotic intensity of being an angsty youngster in…

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  • “Agust D” Mixtape Analyzed: The Mental Health Taboo

    If I had to describe the “Agust D” mixtape in one sentence, I’d say it represents the yin-yang of strength and vulnerability. It’s interesting how the mixtape cover also includes the same pattern of black and white within one another. The “Agust D” mixtape is a journey into the mind of an outwardly successful but…

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