If Dawn Was A Song, What Would It Sound Like?

Photo by Angel Jardim on Unsplash

What if you had to convey the concept of “dawn” through music? 

No words, just instruments. 

That’s what Min Yoongi (BTS SUGA/Agust D) has done through a song in his third solo project and first solo album, “D-Day.”

In the third-last track titled Interlude: Dawn, Agust D took us from the deep ends of dark nights to a gradual sunrise until the whole world is bright again.

The track starts off small with few instruments, feeling heavy, dark, and slow, like the night. 

He gradually adds instruments and the music builds up almost like the faint hints of sunlight piercing through the dark sky. 

Photo by Grant McIver on Unsplash

The music gets more dramatic to show how the light is getting brighter and more intense as dawn arrives. 

Ultimately, the sun is high enough to flood the sky with light. 

There’s a moment when the sun goes from just coloring the sky to truly turning the lights on, where the soft orange light turns into bright yellow, when the warmth turns into heat. 

That’s how Agust D’s Interlude: Dawn ends. With a force mirroring the sun finally making its presence known. It’s no longer just pretty, it’s now the strongest force of nature you can’t even look at. 

Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash

In one minute, Agust D lets us “hear” what dawn would sound like, if fully allowed to express its emotions. And he does all of that without uttering a single word. 

It’s like a person struggling, and struggling, and struggling, striving with all their might to climb out of the abyss. 

Photo by Valentin Jorel on Unsplash

They’re getting higher, and higher, and higher until suddenly their palm touches the opening. 

They’ve made it. They’re out. They’re free. 

You finally overcame whatever was holding you down. It’s a big bang moment. This is where your universe, your life is created anew. 

This is very in line with the concept of the album: rebirth and renewal.

 Agust D is done wallowing in his past and fearing his future. He no longer wants to be defined by his struggles. 

He acknowledges them, accepts them, and lets them go. He wants to walk a new path now. 

His seemingly never-ending dark night has passed. A new day, a new chapter in his life has begun. 

D-Day is here.

Note: This is my interpretation of Interlude: Dawn by Agust D and not an official explanation. Perhaps this is exactly what he meant to do. Perhaps he didn’t intend any of this at all. Perhaps it’s just me projecting meaning where none exists.

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