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  • Scene from Jimin's FACE album.

    Jimin’s “FACE” Album Analyzed: From Frustration To Freedom

    Few knew what to expect from Jimin’s FACE, his first solo album exploring his artistry outside of BTS.  The BTS rap line (RM, SUGA, and J-Hope) already had 2–3 mixtapes/albums and several singles/collabs released by this point, so people had a general idea of what could come next.  The rap line also actively participates in…

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  • Scene from RM's Mono.

    RM’s “Mono” Analyzed: Relatable Songs To Make You Feel SEEN

    I almost didn’t write this. I kept going back and forth, feeling conflicted about interpreting RM’s Mono, his second solo project after the first self-titled mixtape RM.  Why the hesitation this time after I’ve already analyzed three of Agust D’s (BTS SUGA) and two of J-Hope’s solo projects? In a VLive, RM mentioned he doesn’t…

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  • Still from J-Hope's Arson.

    J-Hope’s MORE And Arson Explained

    J-Hope’s Jack In The Box (his first official album and second solo project) is a creative experiment, exploring his grittier, darker side beyond the “sunshine” persona he adopts during BTS projects.  While I’ve analyzed the whole album (link below), the two main tracks, MORE and Arson have lots of layers to uncover and deserve their…

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  • Still from J-Hope's Jack in the box.

    J-Hope’s “Jack In The Box” Analyzed: A Creative Experiment

    J-Hope’s “Jack In The Box” (his first official album and second solo project after “Hope World”) is a creative experiment.  Through Hope World, J-Hope shared glimpses of who he is outside of the “sunshine Hobi” character he plays in BTS projects, and now with Jack In The Box, he’s ready to dig deeper and uncover…

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  • J-Hope Hope World mixtape cover.

    J-Hope’s “Hope World” Analyzed

    I seriously considered uploading this article with only one word: Best. I tried hard to thoughtfully capture the gist of J-Hope’s first solo mixtape, Hope World, but all I can think of is how overwhelmingly impressed I am. Dance rap J-Hope joined BTS as a dancer. Unlike his fellow members RM and SUGA, he had…

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  • Still from “Layover” By BTS V.

    “Layover” By BTS V (Kim Taehyung): Lo-fi Coffeeshop Music

    When V (or Kim Taehyung), the most popular member of the world’s most popular K-pop group, released his debut solo album (Layover), it was surprisingly the least liked! Even the most ardent fans were disappointed. What went wrong? People are describing V’s latest songs in the “Layover” album as “lo-fi” or “coffeeshop” music. The kind…

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  • If Dawn Was A Song, What Would It Sound Like?

    What if you had to convey the concept of “dawn” through music?  No words, just instruments.  That’s what Min Yoongi (BTS SUGA/Agust D) has done through a song in his third solo project and first solo album, “D-Day.” In the third-last track titled Interlude: Dawn, Agust D took us from the deep ends of dark…

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  • Still from People Pt. 2 by Agust D.

    “D-Day” By Agust D Analyzed: The Trapped Artist Finally Finds Freedom

    I highly recommend reading my analysis of his first two mixtapes (Agust D and D-2) before moving forward so you get all the references in “D-Day” by Agust D. Agust D’s first official album, third solo project, and the final part of his music trilogy, “D-Day” is all about liberation. Liberation from external social expectations…

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  • All The Themes In Agust D’s “D-2” Mixtape Analyzed

    If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading my analysis of “Agust D” (the first mixtape) before moving forward, so you can understand all the references in Agust D’s “D-2” mixtape. Songs in “Agust D” (the first mixtape) hit hard. They’re raw, sometimes aggressive, and reflect the chaotic intensity of being an angsty youngster in…

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  • What Is Music Really?

    I used to think “good” music meant a catchy beat or an emotional melody but after spending the last few weeks analyzing popular artists and their fandom, I’ve realized we like the music that gives us what we need at the moment.  Just lost someone? Maybe a soft piano track will soothe you.  Started something…

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